Dragons of the Night: Postscripts 36/37

Don’t know how I missed this, but The Dragons of the Night, volume 36/37 of PS Publishing’s Postscripts series, is out! In gorgeous hardback (as always!) and LOOK! My name is there on the cover! 😮 This volume contains my story, ‘Surfacing’ — perhaps one of the saddest I’ve written (IMHO). By way of introducing…… Continue reading Dragons of the Night: Postscripts 36/37

NSWWC Speculative Fiction Festival: Interview

As part of a week-long celebration of the Speculative Fiction Festival (taking place this Saturday – 16 March) at the NSW Writers Centre in Sydney, Kate Forsyth is running a series of interviews she’s done with several of the panelists — including me! — over on her website. Here’s a snippet: What is your latest book about?…… Continue reading NSWWC Speculative Fiction Festival: Interview

Clarkesworld Year 3, One Small Step and Locus Reading List: Updatery

A few cool things happened while I was in the writing oubliette this past month: Coolness the First: Clarkesworld: Year Three — the anthology of all the works published in Clarkesworld, 2009 — has come out and is available in TPB from Amazon and in e-book format from Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Weightless Books, Wizard’s Tower…… Continue reading Clarkesworld Year 3, One Small Step and Locus Reading List: Updatery

Mega-Catchup Post, Part One: WFC

Travel, writing, marking essays, launching Midnight and Moonshine, editing, applying for jobs… Any and all of these things explain my general lack of updatery lately. That’s no excuse, you say? True. True. So I shall endeavour to fill you all in on the events of the past month in a short series of Mega-Catchup Posts…… Continue reading Mega-Catchup Post, Part One: WFC