NSWWC Speculative Fiction Festival: Interview

n133243As part of a week-long celebration of the Speculative Fiction Festival (taking place this Saturday – 16 March) at the NSW Writers Centre in Sydney, Kate Forsyth is running a series of interviews she’s done with several of the panelists — including me! — over on her website. Here’s a snippet:

What is your latest book about?
I’m currently working on Lament for the Afterlife, a mosaic novel that follows the story of Peytr Borysson, a young soldier whose family – and life – are in the process of disintegrating under the stress of war. This isn’t a post-apocalyptic story; instead, it’s an apocalyptic one. All of the action takes place during a world war against a crafty and often invisible enemy, which shows no signs of abating. Magic and mutations are the cause and effect of the conflict, so they are main factors in each character’s story; but mostly, this is a book about human faith and uncertainty in the face of major global upheaval. It’s about regular people like Peytr being thrust into horrible situations and surviving the best they can – even when it seems like their best can never be good enough.

Read the rest of the interview here.

And if you’re keen to have more, you can read a long interview Kate did with both Angela and I in the latest issue of Aurealis Magazine — or come along to the festival this weekend!


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