Writer and the Critic — with Dr Brains

I am no longer a podcast virgin! Back in June, Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mond invited Angela and I to join them for  The Writer and the Critic podcast — and our episode is now live. We chatted about books that we’ve loved (Angela picked Voice of the Fire by Alan Moore and I gushed about Galore by Michael Crummey), and also gabbed about our collaboration process and a bunch of other topics that may or may not have made me blush.  We had such a fun time, which I think is evident in all the laughter in this ep. Hope you enjoy hearing it as much as we enjoyed recording it. Thanks, Kirstyn and Mondy!



      1. I do think its an act some of the time. He can be very sharp 🙂 when he wants to be.

        And I bought the Crummey book because of that same line that Angela read out. When I can prise it from my wife’s hands I will actually get to read it

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