An Introduction to Australian Horror

In honour of Australia Day, I was asked to write an article about Australian horror for This Is Horror in the UK — and it’s now up! The article surveys some of the standout horror published in the past two years by Australian independent presses: so much to talk about, so much incredible talent! Australia…… Continue reading An Introduction to Australian Horror

Tuesday Therapy: Banishing Obsessive Demons

For the third installment of the Tuesday Therapy series, Kirstyn McDermott shares some advice that makes me think she’s worked out some magical way to SEE INSIDE MY HEAD. Seriously. (*knocks on forehead* Kirstyn? Are you in there?) I wouldn’t put it past her — the way she multi-tasks, it would come as no surprise…… Continue reading Tuesday Therapy: Banishing Obsessive Demons

Lists of Excitement!

So it’s been a pretty busy couple of days for Aussie authors on heavy-hitting lists, namely the Stoker Preliminary Ballot and the Locus Recommended Reading list for 2010. Sure, you could instantly clickity-click on the links I’ve just provided to see the lists in full —¬†but before you do why don’t we give¬†three cheers to…… Continue reading Lists of Excitement!