The Female Factory: ‘Baggage’

How to explain that a really rather nasty story sprang from watching a really adorable documentary? Angela loves badgers. Angela thinks they’re adorable. Angela might be slightly obsessed with them − to the point where she made Lisa sit down and watch the aforementioned documentary, Badgers − Secrets of the Sett. Lisa also enjoyed the documentary (or said she…… Continue reading The Female Factory: ‘Baggage’

Free e-book with every pre-order of The Female Factory

Photo by Angela Slatter

This just in! (Well, “just” as in, announced yesterday. Just-ish.) Ahem. From the Twelfth Planet Press website: To celebrate the forthcoming release of The Female Factory by the award winning duo Lisa L Hannett and Angela Slatter, we’re giving away the ebook version with every preorder of the paperback for the whole of December. Simply…… Continue reading Free e-book with every pre-order of The Female Factory

Over at…

…you can now read an excerpt from ‘Vox’, the first story in our ‘Twelve Planets’ collection, The Female Factory. Head on over here to read the snippet! Children are a commodity few women can afford. Hopeful mothers-to-be try everything. Fertility clinics. Pills. Wombs for hire. Babies are no longer made in bedrooms, but engineered in…… Continue reading Over at…

The Female Factory: ‘Vox’

When Alisa approached us about doing one of the Twelve Planets, we readily agreed. Then, having sprung her trap, she added “But make it more science fictiony.” Cue Mo Szyslak from The Simpsons … “Whaaaaaa?” Undeterred, and a little heavy of heart, we two dark fantasy and horror girls trundled away dragging our feet. We…… Continue reading The Female Factory: ‘Vox’

2013: The year that was…

It’s that time of year again, when the days are growing longer and hotter (though my Canadian instincts tell me they should be getting shorter and colder) and I’ve baked enough caramel and truffles to know that the Christmas holidays are here. 2013 has been a busy year, hence the complete falling away of updates…… Continue reading 2013: The year that was…

Planet the Twelfth!

Exciting news: today, Twelfth Planet Press announced the forthcoming publication of Baggage, a book I’m co-writing with Angela Slatter, which will be the final volume in TPP’s excellent series of short story collections, the Twelve Planets. What Are the Twelve Planets? The Twelve Planets are twelve boutique collections by some of Australia’s finest short story…… Continue reading Planet the Twelfth!

Tuesday Therapy: Banishing Obsessive Demons

For the third installment of the Tuesday Therapy series, Kirstyn McDermott shares some advice that makes me think she’s worked out some magical way to SEE INSIDE MY HEAD. Seriously. (*knocks on forehead* Kirstyn? Are you in there?) I wouldn’t put it past her — the way she multi-tasks, it would come as no surprise…… Continue reading Tuesday Therapy: Banishing Obsessive Demons

Twelve Planets (and we wants them all, precioussss)

Exciting news from the Twelfth Planet Press website: Margo Lanagan, Lucy Sussex, Rosaleen Love, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Deborah Biancotti, Kaaron Warren, Cat Sparks, Sue Isle, Kirstyn McDermott, Narrelle M Harris, Thoraiya Dyer, and Stephanie Campisi have been announced as the lineup for the Twelve Planets project! I’m a great fan of many of these authors,…… Continue reading Twelve Planets (and we wants them all, precioussss)