Body Shocks anthology

I can't find an image that perfectly relates to the weird world of my story, but this still from the 'Demimonde' cabaret captures the dark vibe of the story...

So excited to share the news that Ellen Datlow has selected my story, ‘Sweet Subtleties’, to reprint in her forthcoming anthology Body Shocks (a book of body horror; currently scheduled for October 2021). More details as I get them, but for now, here’s the incredible table of contents. It is beyond cool to see my…… Continue reading Body Shocks anthology

Here’s Looking at You, 2015

Gazing back at 2015, I feel a bit like Scuttle in The Little Mermaid, flipping the telescope to look through both ends. What is near weirdly seems so far off and then — bam! — what was well away in the distance is brought instantly close. All of a sudden it’s New Year’s Eve, the…… Continue reading Here’s Looking at You, 2015

WFC 2015 (The ‘Better Late Than Never’ Post)

Booze fountain!

I’ve been back from the States for a week now, which means World Fantasy was done and dusted nearly a fortnight ago… and yet it has taken me this long to get into the swing of things enough to post about my NY adventures. I need Hermione’s time-turner, so that I can do all the…… Continue reading WFC 2015 (The ‘Better Late Than Never’ Post)

All the Catching Up

Illustration by Matthew Johnstone

Where has the time gone? Semester Two is well under way, I’ve got four million students (lovely, all of them), and a heap of projects to complete before heading overseas in October (YAAAAAAAAAAY for World Fantasy!!!!) *ahem* As I was saying. Things have been busy, but in a good way! First, and most exciting: THE…… Continue reading All the Catching Up

Six stories on Ellen Datlow’s Year’s Best Honorable Mentions List!

So exciting! Ellen Datlow has just published the full list of Honorable Mentions for Best Horror of the Year, Vol 4 — and she gives the nod to SIX of my stories! Hannett, L. L. “Gutted,” Shimmer 13. Hannett, Lisa L. “Carousel,” Bluegrass Symphony. Hannett, Lisa L. “From the Teeth of Strange Children,” Bluegrass Symphony.…… Continue reading Six stories on Ellen Datlow’s Year’s Best Honorable Mentions List!

Fairy Tale Girls Should Always and Never Do What They’re Told

Lately, I’ve been thinking about fairy tales. There was a fantastic panel at Swancon – with Ellen Datlow, Richard Harland, Jenny Blackford, Amanda Pillar, and Brain (aka Angela Slatter) – in which the panelists were kicking around many ideas about fairy tales: the evolution of the form; classics and modern retellings; questioning the theory that…… Continue reading Fairy Tale Girls Should Always and Never Do What They’re Told