New story! ‘The Canary’ in THE DARK

Woke this morning to see that the November issue of The Dark has just been released into the wild! I’m so delighted to see ‘The Canary’ in the virtual pages of this latest edition. Not just because this was one of those stories that spilled onto the page almost exactly as it appears now (I…… Continue reading New story! ‘The Canary’ in THE DARK

Story sale!

Image: Erica Loustau

So happy to announce that my latest short story, ‘The Canary’, has found a home in the November issue of The Dark. According to Sean Wallace, I’ll share a table of contents with one of my favourite Australian short story writers, Kirstyn McDermott, along with Megan Arkenberg, and Michael Wehunt. So cool! (Btw: this image…… Continue reading Story sale!

All the Catching Up

Illustration by Matthew Johnstone

Where has the time gone? Semester Two is well under way, I’ve got four million students (lovely, all of them), and a heap of projects to complete before heading overseas in October (YAAAAAAAAAAY for World Fantasy!!!!) *ahem* As I was saying. Things have been busy, but in a good way! First, and most exciting: THE…… Continue reading All the Catching Up