New story! ‘The Canary’ in THE DARK

the dark NovemberWoke this morning to see that the November issue of The Dark has just been released into the wild! I’m so delighted to see ‘The Canary’ in the virtual pages of this latest edition. Not just because this was one of those stories that spilled onto the page almost exactly as it appears now (I wrote most of it on the train across England; finished, polished and edited it during my residency at The Banff Centre) — but also because it appears alongside work by Kirstyn McDermott, whose writing I consistently adore. There isn’t a story Kirstyn has written that I haven’t admired, and I’ve no doubt this trend will continue here.

You can read the stories online via the magazine’s website, or if you prefer reading on a tablet, you can sign up for a subscription and the issue will be sent for the platform of your choice. Happy reading!


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