SF Signal gives LAMENT FOR THE AFTERLIFE 4.5 stars!

I’m not in the habit of seeking out reviews, but when your publishers sends you a link accompanied by smiley faces and exclamation marks, then it’s impossible not to click through and give it a good read — which seems only fair, in this instance, since the review itself (and the insightful reviewer, Haralambi Markov)…… Continue reading SF Signal gives LAMENT FOR THE AFTERLIFE 4.5 stars!

WFC 2015 (The ‘Better Late Than Never’ Post)

Booze fountain!

I’ve been back from the States for a week now, which means World Fantasy was done and dusted nearly a fortnight ago… and yet it has taken me this long to get into the swing of things enough to post about my NY adventures. I need Hermione’s time-turner, so that I can do all the…… Continue reading WFC 2015 (The ‘Better Late Than Never’ Post)

All the Catching Up

Illustration by Matthew Johnstone

Where has the time gone? Semester Two is well under way, I’ve got four million students (lovely, all of them), and a heap of projects to complete before heading overseas in October (YAAAAAAAAAAY for World Fantasy!!!!) *ahem* As I was saying. Things have been busy, but in a good way! First, and most exciting: THE…… Continue reading All the Catching Up