Body Shocks anthology

I can't find an image that perfectly relates to the weird world of my story, but this still from the 'Demimonde' cabaret captures the dark vibe of the story...

So excited to share the news that Ellen Datlow has selected my story, ‘Sweet Subtleties’, to reprint in her forthcoming anthology Body Shocks (a book of body horror; currently scheduled for October 2021). More details as I get them, but for now, here’s the incredible table of contents. It is beyond cool to see my…… Continue reading Body Shocks anthology

Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2017

In all the hubbub of the holidays — aka, that lovely blur of food and champagne-filled days — I was completely remiss in not posting about this! I received an early Christmas gift when Paula Guran announced the table of contents to the Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2017,¬†which includes my story ‘Surfacing’ (first…… Continue reading Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2017

An Unquestionable and Enthusiastic Recommendation for SHADOWS EDGE

Back from Conflux, and I seriously need to do a recap post about all the fun, panels, dinners, drinks, and books books books — but that will have to wait for a bit. For now, a quick huzzah: the first review — that I’ve seen, anyway — of Shadows Edge (edited by Simon Strantzas) has…… Continue reading An Unquestionable and Enthusiastic Recommendation for SHADOWS EDGE

Shadows Edge

Look what just arrived in the post! My contributor copy of Shadows Edge, which includes a ToC of most excellent writers of weird and/or horrific tales: Prologue: The Nineteenth Step Echoland by Joel Lane The Penury by Michael Cisco Tinder Row by Richard Gavin The Falling Dark by Daniel Mills The Old Church by Gary…… Continue reading Shadows Edge