Damnation & Dames ToC announced!

Lindsy Anderson – The Third Circle
Chris Bauer – Three Questions and One Troll
Alan Baxter & Felicity Dowker – Burning, Always Burning
Jay Caselberg – Blind Pig
M.L.D. Curelas – Silver Comes the Night
Karen Dent – A Case to Die For
Dirk Flinthart – Outlines
Lisa L. Hannett & Angela Slatter – Prohibition Blues
Donna Maree Hanson – Sangue Sella Notte
Rob Hood – Walking the Dead Beat
Joseph L Kellogg – The Awakened Adventure of Rick Candle
Pete Kempshall – Sound and Fury
Chris Large – One Night at the Cherry
Penelope Love – Be Good Sweet Maid
Nicole Murphy – The Black Star Killer
Brian Grant Ross – Hard Boiled

Ticonderoga Publications is pleased to announce the line-up for the upcoming paranormal noir anthology Damnation & Dames, edited by Liz Grzyb and Amanda Pillar. The anthology brings you sixteen stories of murder and mayhem, monsters and mysterious femme fatales.

Damnation & Dames will be launched at Swancon 37, at Easter 2012 and will be available in trade paperback for $30, and as an ebook in Kindle format after this. The anthology will be available from Ticonderoga’s online shop at indiebooksonline.com, and internet bookstores such as bookdepository.com and amazon.com.



  1. The concept of this anthology sounds really catchy for me and the line-up has some very interesting names. Also, I liked Amanda Pillar’s work quite a lot so far, therefore that is another reason for my interest in “Damnation and Dames”. And I am really curious to see how your collaboration with Angela Slatter turns out 🙂

    1. Oh good! I was going to say that I wasn’t sure… But I *think* they just do Kindle (via Amazon)… But it would be great if it was available in other formats, too! Can you let me know, once you know? Cheers!

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