15 Days of Tesseracts, Reviews, and Other fun stuff

 If only I could go to this shindig: Tesseracts Fourteen, and the authors and editors of Tesseracts Fourteen are going to be featured at the Merril Collection’s Christmas Tea, on Saturday December 4th, at the Merril Collection (239 College Ave, Toronto) from 1-4. Alas, the commute between Adelaide and Toronto is too great for me to attend this event and to spruik the anthology properly — but I can spruik the online events the folks at EDGE publishing are running to promote this new book. As part of the 15 Days of Tesseracts, head on over to the Totally Tesseracts blog — I’m ‘Day 2’, responding to some great questions with some goobery answers.

In other exciting news, Black Gate reviews Weird Tales 356 — the Uncanny Beauty issue — which sees me rubbing elbows with some of speculative fiction’s most ‘eerily sensuous’ writers.

The folks at Scoop Magazine have some lovely things to say about ‘The February Dragon’, which I co-wrote with Angela Slatter — and they also interview Russell B. Farr, who shares the news about Ticonderoga Publications‘ forthcoming books (including Bluegrass Symphony  — squee!) and they also chat with Alisa Krasnostein, editor extraordinaire of Twelfth Planet Press. Check out all the Scoop goodies here.

Last, but certainly not least, Alexandra Pierce offers a detailed and insightful review of Sprawl over at ASiF, where she says some lovely things about many deserving stories.

Happy reading!



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