Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2014

So happy to be able to announce that ‘Vox’ has been selected for the Year’s Best Australian Fantasy & Horror 2014 — to be published in late October this year. The contents were released today, and here they are in alphabetical order: Alan Baxter, “Shadows of the Lonely Dead” [Suspended in Dusk] James Bradley, “The…… Continue reading Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2014

Snapshot 2014

Recently, Stephanie Gunn interviewed me as part of the massive enterprise that is the 2014 series of ‘Snapshots’ taken of Australian speculative fiction — and the interview has gone live! Stephanie asked me some excellent questions about collaborating on short stories, the state of spec-fic awards in Australia, future writing projects, and a bunch of…… Continue reading Snapshot 2014