Holy. Crow. It’s all happening.

Bluegrass Symphony was reviewed by Publishers Weekly today!

Whoa. It’s actually happening: I’ve written a book and now people are reading it. I know that’s how it usually works, but still. It seems like such a long process, between writing and publishing, that to realise that strangers are going to read and comment on what you’ve written… Takes a while to compute.

But it’s much easier to process when the reviews are positive! Straight from the PW website:

Australian author Hannett’s first collection shows off her fondness for lush imagery, unsettling concepts, indirect prose, and multilayered plots. “Carousel” features a girl trapped in a shed by her oppressive father; her attempts to escape elicit the sympathy of unusual rescuers. “Depot to Depot” spins the tale of a trucker who takes unexpected passengers on a strange detour. “Down the Hollow” looks at the sacrifices people must make to appease the Earth and the ways such a negotiation can go wrong. The 12 stories, all but one original to this volume, push boundaries and experiment with style, form, and meaning, rarely straightforward and often hovering between fantasy and horror. By no means an easy read, this is a collection for fans of weirdness, wonder, and oft-disturbing twists. (Aug.)

Reviewed on: 06/13/2011





  1. Dear Lisa,

    I can’t seem to get find a contact e-mail on your site. I must be daft, I know.

    I wouldn’t to touch base regarding an anthology from EDGE (the folks who publish the
    Tesseracts anthologies).


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