New story in ‘Beneath Ceaseless Skies’!

Sooooo delighted to have ‘Deep in the Drift, Spinning’ appear in the September 10 issue of Beneath Ceaseless Skies! This story goes back to the witchy seaside fisher-village world I love to visit in my fiction (it’s featured in ‘A Shot of Salt Water’, ‘Another Mouth’, ‘A Right Pretty Mate’, ‘Gutted’ — and a few others…) and I’m so excited that it’s also the featured audio story for this issue. How wonderful to hear someone else narrate voices that have otherwise only been heard in my mind!

A pause only Winnifletch herself notices, a twinge in her guts as she unsacks the gull that Gert Mews has lugged to her sea-spindle shack. Dazed but not dead, the bird crawks down onto her workbench. Think of shearwater honey, Winni tells herself, with predictions truer than gold. She grabs its fat fluttersome breast. Jams it wings-and-all between her vise’s steel jaws. Holds firm. Don’t think of shattered sailors.

Read the rest — or listen to it! — here.


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