Another brilliant review and a snapshot!

End of semester crunch-time has kept me busy, but I wanted to pop in to squee about Paula Guran’s incredible review of Songs for Dark Seasons, which appeared in Locus — and you can now read in full online here. Some highlights that precede Guran’s wonderful in-depth analysis of each story include: “All of the 13 stories – an amazing six original to the collection – are excellent.” and “Hannett has a remarkable knack for establish­ing complete and complex worlds peopled by similarly well-executed characters. There’s also compassion to her stories, no matter how weird they may get, that further captivates.” Ahhhh, so lovely!

In other news, I’ve been snapshot! Every few years since 2005, an incredible team of people involved in the Australian speculative fiction community undertake the massive task of interviewing as many writers as they can — taking a “snapshot” of the field by asking us about our current and future projects, recommendations for Australian/NZ readings, and so forth. It’s a wonderful project and I was delighted to be involved again this year. If you’re keen to see what I blabbed on about, you can read my contribution here — but make sure to explore the site widely! So much great stuff and so many great writers to discover!


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