The Weird West in Fiction

This week, a feature post I wrote about the Weird West in fiction is up on — Random House’s site about all things science fiction and fantasy (books, movies, games, comics, manga — yeah, pretty much everything).

Thinking of the American mid-West conjures up images of cowboys and desperadoes, dusty plains and wild mountain ranges, Stetsons and sheriffs and shoot-outs. Usually, calling a story a ‘Western’ leads our imaginations back to the past: we visualise the O.K. Corral, the Alamo, and Billy the Kid. But call it a ‘Weird Western’ and this picture changes… Read the rest here.

They wanted to hear about Bluegrass Symphony, which was awesome. And there are so many other cool Weird West books, stories, films I could’ve talked about (such as PS Publishing’s new anthology, Gutshot)… but, alas, had to keep it brief this time.



  1. Too short. Too short. I’m loving the Hexslinger series, though I’m still at number one in the series. I’ve been a bad reader on that front. It’s curious that you didn’t mention King at all, but I guess that it would have been an obvious choice. Thanks for the guest post. Now I desperately want to read Bluegrass Symphony… 😀

  2. Oh I agree, Harry! Too short. But the brief was for a short piece, so I’ll have to expand on this elsewhere. And, yes, King is certainly representative of the ‘Weird West’ — I was going to talk about the Dark Tower series, but couldn’t quite fit it in. But if this little piece evokes thoughts of King, then my job is done 😉 And I’m so glad you’re keen on Bluegrass Symphony now — thanks! 🙂

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