Tuesday Therapy: The Nagging Call of Ambition

Today’s therapy session is brought to you by Lee Battersby, one of Angry Robot’s Open Door success stories. Context: 980 novels were submitted to Angry Robot’s “Open Door Month” back in March, and out of this lot only 3 authors were chosen for publication… and Lee was one of them. He’s signed on for two books in a new fantasy series: the first – The Corpse-Rat King – will be published in the autumn of next year, and the second will follow in 2013.

Lee has been working his tail off for years to reach this stage, and his Tuesday Therapy advice reflects this tenacity:
Don’t waste your time comparing yourself to other writers. There are a million people on the internet willing to provide that service for free. And that nagging feeling you have that nothing you do is ever good enough? That’s your ambition calling. Try to keep that feeling alive and let it irritate you constantly. A satisfied writer is a creatively dead one. Nobody creates art from a position of comfort.

Lee Battersby is the multiple-award winning author of over 70 stories in the US, Australia and Europe. He lives online at www.leebattersby.com and blogs at http://battersblog.blogspot.com


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