Top 2011 Stories: Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth

In all the end-of-year hoopla, I completely forgot to mention that the readers over at Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth rock! Bluegrass Symphony got much love on their Top 2011 Stories lists:

‘Carousel’ gets a nod from Alisa;

Mondy also picked ‘Carousel’ as well as ‘Fur and Feathers’, ‘To Snuff a Flame’, ‘Forever, Miss Tapekwa County’, and ‘The Short Go: A Future in Eight Seconds’;

And Sarah highlighted ‘Unlocking the God’ — which isn’t a Bluegrass story, but was published in a whopping double-issue of Electric Velocipede.

So many excellent authors, so many amazing stories! Thanks so much, LSS! This is so cool!




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