Speaking of awesome short stories…

…and excellent speculative fiction in general, have you recently taken a look at the list of works eligible for this year’s Aurealis Awards?


Honestly, this year’s list is so impressive. I want to read everything on it, in every category. Having said that, I am SO glad I’m not a judge. How on earth are they going to choose?


  1. *scans the entries list with growing incredulity*

    You’re not wrong. Also the bit about the poor judges, especially in the short story categories. I’ve read maybe a tenth of what’s on there and there’s dozens of stories that refuse to fade, just in that small fraction of the field. There really IS so much incredible writing in Australia.


  2. The list is great every year, but THIS year! WOW! And I’m with you: I’ve read *some* of what’s on offer in the short stories category, and I’m impressed by so much of it! I can’t even begin to narrow it down to favourites, much less winners…

  3. I agree. I’ve actually read more short fiction this year than any other, and I’ve covered a lot of that list. But there’s *so* much I haven’t read. I don’t envy those judges at all. Nor do I rate my own chances of scoring a gong very highly! So many great writers and great stories. Australia should be proud.

    1. I honestly cannot even fathom how the judges will do it. What a tough choice they have to make this year! (Well, I’m sure the choice is tough every year, but this year seems like a standout — such excellent writers, such excellent quality!) Such rich fields. Looking forward to the awards night!

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