Tuesday Therapy: The Art and Obligations of the Favour

I’ve been running these Tuesday Therapy posts since November, when I was inspired by my dear friend Angela’s comment that “you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time.” Man, that is such a fantastic quote! So I blithely started this series, thoroughly enjoying all of the posts about writing we’ve had so…… Continue reading Tuesday Therapy: The Art and Obligations of the Favour

WFR’s Managing Editor, Angela Slatter

Last night Jeff VanderMeer posted an awesome welcome to Angela (better known here as Brain or 1/2 of the Evil Drs Brain) as Managing Editor of the new Weird Fiction Review website: Behind the scenes, Angela Slatter has been working as WFR’s managing editor by, among other efforts, answering queries, working with writers on solicited submissions,…… Continue reading WFR’s Managing Editor, Angela Slatter

World Fantasy Award Shortlists!!

I’m always excited to see who gets the WFA nod, but this year! THIS YEAR IS SO FREAKING EXCITING I HAVE TO WRITE IN CAPS!!! BELOVED BRAIN (aka Angela Slatter)’S AMAZING COLLECTION, Sourdough and Other Stories HAS BEEN NOMINATED!!! WOOO HOOOOOOO! Also, super-exciting: Jeff VanderMeer’s Third Bear is nominated in the same category; Alisa Krasnostein…… Continue reading World Fantasy Award Shortlists!!