Bluegrass Symphony has been Bibliophile Stalked!

Today has been awesome! Finished writing another chapter of The Familiar, and then when I bemoaned my lack of pancakes on Twitter this morning (it seems like *everyone* eats and then tweets about pancakes on Sunday!) the lovely Charles Tan offered me something MUCH sweeter: a link to the fabulous review he wrote of Bluegrass…… Continue reading Bluegrass Symphony has been Bibliophile Stalked!

World Fantasy Award Shortlists!!

I’m always excited to see who gets the WFA nod, but this year! THIS YEAR IS SO FREAKING EXCITING I HAVE TO WRITE IN CAPS!!! BELOVED BRAIN (aka Angela Slatter)’S AMAZING COLLECTION, Sourdough and Other Stories HAS BEEN NOMINATED!!! WOOO HOOOOOOO! Also, super-exciting: Jeff VanderMeer’s Third Bear is nominated in the same category; Alisa Krasnostein…… Continue reading World Fantasy Award Shortlists!!