Bluegrass Symphony has been Bibliophile Stalked!

Today has been awesome! Finished writing another chapter of The Familiar, and then when I bemoaned my lack of pancakes on Twitter this morning (it seems like *everyone* eats and then tweets about pancakes on Sunday!) the lovely Charles Tan offered me something MUCH sweeter: a link to the fabulous review he wrote of Bluegrass Symphony over on his website.

Here’s a snippet:

When we talk about an author’s style, it’s usually a quality that’s refined and polished over years. Hannett is one of those rare writers who can write using a variety of voices — and does so wonderfully. It’s not simply having an ear for dialog, but possessing the ability to translate what’s spoken into the written word and using it to convey to readers the mindset, upbringing, and culture of her characters…

Also wonderful is how Charles says: Bluegrass Symphony is one of those collections that feels more like an anthology due to the author’s wide range. This is easily a must-read book of 2011, doubly so since most of the stories aren’t reprints.

How cool!

Read the rest here.


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