Aurealis Weekend: In which Awards were won!

You’d think, as a writer, I’d have a full stock of words upon which to draw at any given moment. Phrases prepared for, you know, speaking to other word-based life forms. Quips and witticisms locked and loaded, ready for quick-shot commentary. Words are my business. I’ve spent years thinking about them, reading them, turning them…… Continue reading Aurealis Weekend: In which Awards were won!


Conflux 9 / Natcon 2013

Conflux 9 / Natcon 2013 is kicking off in Canberra on Thursday — so before I start packing for my flight tomorrow, I thought I’d tell you where I’ll be over the next few days! Basically, when I’m not at the hotel bar, you’ll find me here: Thursday: Fairy Tales, Old and New 9.00 -…… Continue reading Conflux 9 / Natcon 2013