Norma K Hemming Award Shortlist

Cool news! I just found out that Bluegrass Symphony has been shortlisted for the 2012 Norma K Hemming Award for race, gender, sexuality, class and disability in Australian speculative fiction. I’m gobsmacked! What an incredible honour to be included on this awesome shortlist: Black Glass by Meg Mundell (Scribe) Bluegrass Symphony by Lisa L Hannett (Ticonderoga…… Continue reading Norma K Hemming Award Shortlist

Aurealis Awards Finalists Announced!

The internets are abuzz this evening because the Aurealis Award Shortlists have just been announced! There are so many awesome stories on these lists, I honestly don’t know how the judges narrowed it down. And I’m so stoked to see my work nominated in two categories: Best Collection (for Bluegrass Symphony) and Best Horror Short…… Continue reading Aurealis Awards Finalists Announced!

A carrot or two about writing as capital ‘A’ Art…

A while ago, Lee Battersby emailed to say he was running a series of posts about Art over at the Battersblog, and asked me to contribute to the Treacherous Carrot discussion. And, lo. Contribute I did. Art and beauty and writing — I could’ve talked about this topic for ages… In February 1880, William Morris…… Continue reading A carrot or two about writing as capital ‘A’ Art…

Loves, New and Old

 1)      Podcasts  So, I’d listened to the first two episodes of ‘The Writer and the Critic’ (aka Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mond sharing news, opinions and reviews about mostly-speculative-fiction books) and then in the madness of finishing the PhD of Doom I apparently forgot about anything that wasn’t directly related to medieval Icelandic literature. However.…… Continue reading Loves, New and Old

Aussie Author Month! Or, What DIMIA *should* have asked…

Last year, as many of you know, I became an Australian citizen. For five years I had to jump through all of Immigration’s hoops in order to prove I was fit to stay here: criminal background checks, character checks, interviews, blood tests, chest x-rays, mugshots… You name it. They’ve got copies of my mail, family…… Continue reading Aussie Author Month! Or, What DIMIA *should* have asked…

Twelve Planets (and we wants them all, precioussss)

Exciting news from the Twelfth Planet Press website: Margo Lanagan, Lucy Sussex, Rosaleen Love, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Deborah Biancotti, Kaaron Warren, Cat Sparks, Sue Isle, Kirstyn McDermott, Narrelle M Harris, Thoraiya Dyer, and Stephanie Campisi have been announced as the lineup for the Twelve Planets project! I’m a great fan of many of these authors,…… Continue reading Twelve Planets (and we wants them all, precioussss)

Links of great news

Over at the New York Review of Books’ website, Samantha Holloway offers a detailed introduction and review of the soon-to-be-released Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded anthology. I think it’d be hard to find a more enthusiastic or positive report on the fantastic work Ann & Jeff VanderMeer have done on editing this anthology, and I for…… Continue reading Links of great news