Links of great news

Over at the New York Review of Books’ website, Samantha Holloway offers a detailed introduction and review of the soon-to-be-released Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded anthology. I think it’d be hard to find a more enthusiastic or positive report on the fantastic work Ann & Jeff VanderMeer have done on editing this anthology, and I for one cannot wait until my copies arrive! 

BTW, feel free to read the above statement as a challenge — I’d be more than happy to see people trying to outdo each other in an ‘I heart Steampunk Reloaded‘ competition…

and click here to read the squee-worthy review.

Also worthy of a hearty squee is the news that Tansy Rayner Roberts’ story ‘Siren Beat’ (published by Twelfth Planet Press) has just won the Washington SF Small Press Short Fiction Award — including shiny new trophy!

Read Tansy’s acceptance speech (and drop her a well-earned congrats) here.

Finally, the interwebs are beginning to buzz about Mark Harding’s Music for Another World anthology, in which my story ‘Singing Breath into the Dead’ appears. You can read a lovely review of the antho here, and/or head on over to the Mutation Press website to see clips of some of the stories being read, and to nab yourself a copy.


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