The Mere Touch: Bluegrass Symphony reviewed at Weird Fiction Review!

So cool to get an email from my publisher today with a link to Maureen Kincaid Speller’s first column at Weird Fiction Review, which is a detailed essay / review of five excellent books, including Bluegrass Symphony! I love how the reviewer has integrated the reviews into a larger discussion of ‘what is weird fiction’…… Continue reading The Mere Touch: Bluegrass Symphony reviewed at Weird Fiction Review!

And another one…

Who knew it was possible to get TEN (I had to count them, and yes, there were TEN) stars?? Scary Minds has posted their review of Bluegrass Symphony, and, well. I’m gobsmacked. “Glowing” doesn’t quite cover it… It’s more like “incandescent”. ‘From the Teeth of Strange Children’, ‘Depot to Depot’ and ‘Forever, Miss Tapekwa County’…… Continue reading And another one…

“Like reading memoirs of the damned…”

Another fantastic review of Bluegrass Symphony comes hot on the heels of the one I posted about yesterday! Wow! Marc Nocerino has written a thoughtful and well-considered review of the collection for the most excellent She Never Slept — from which the title of this post is taken. Seriously, how cool is it to have…… Continue reading “Like reading memoirs of the damned…”

Bluegrass Symphony has been Bibliophile Stalked!

Today has been awesome! Finished writing another chapter of The Familiar, and then when I bemoaned my lack of pancakes on Twitter this morning (it seems like *everyone* eats and then tweets about pancakes on Sunday!) the lovely Charles Tan offered me something MUCH sweeter: a link to the fabulous review he wrote of Bluegrass…… Continue reading Bluegrass Symphony has been Bibliophile Stalked!

Five star review for Bluegrass Symphony!

The wonderful Mary Victoria (author of Oracle’s Fire, Samiha’s Song, and Tymon’s Flight) has read and reviewed Bluegrass Symphony — and gave it five stars! This book tickled me in so many ways. It’s imaginative, well-written, fearless. Yes, fearless – this is a book which doesn’t give a hillbilly rat’s tail dipped in bourbon whether…… Continue reading Five star review for Bluegrass Symphony!

Bluegrass Symphony — radio review!

Somehow it seems so fitting to have Bluegrass Symphony reviewed on the good old-fashioned radio. I haven’t heard the broadcast on Radio Adelaide’s “Writers Radio” programme, but Gillian Dooley’s transcript can be read in full here. And so many wonderful things are said in this short review! Here’s a snippet: Self-sacrifice is a frequent theme.…… Continue reading Bluegrass Symphony — radio review!


I’ve been DYING to tell you all that we’ve had Skyrim for over a week and FINALLY the embargo has lifted. So now I can point you all to Dr Chad’s review of the game published today over on Gamepron. Pseudo-vikings! Dragons! Magic! What’s not to love about this game? (Chad’s review says this in…… Continue reading Skyrim!

Shades of Sentience review!

Katharine Stubbs has written a fabulous review of Bluegrass Symphony over at Shades of Sentience, which goes a little something like this: The imagery in this collection will force you to pick up this book and keep reading. Even if you didn’t think you enjoyed reading of people who say ‘ain’t’ and ‘gots’ and drop…… Continue reading Shades of Sentience review!


Jason Nahrung has reviewed Bluegrass Symphony over at ASiF, and whoa. I’m gobsmacked. It’s hard to single out a ‘taster’ to post here because, well, the whole thing is incredible. For example… ‘Down the Hollow’ resonated with memories of another great short, Margo Lanagan’s ‘Singing My Sister Down’: here is a ritual involving farewell, horrible…… Continue reading Gobsmacked.