“Like reading memoirs of the damned…”

Another fantastic review of Bluegrass Symphony comes hot on the heels of the one I posted about yesterday! Wow! Marc Nocerino has written a thoughtful and well-considered review of the collection for the most excellent She Never Slept — from which the title of this post is taken. Seriously, how cool is it to have…… Continue reading “Like reading memoirs of the damned…”

Clickety click!

Today has been a hodgepodge of crazy busy-ness, so it somehow seems fitting to post a hodgepodge of links in the hope that, in your own crazy busy days, you might find a moment to clickety click: Support ChiZine: “ChiZine.com has been free to readers since its inception in 1997. We want to keep paying…… Continue reading Clickety click!