Clickety click!

Today has been a hodgepodge of crazy busy-ness, so it somehow seems fitting to post a hodgepodge of links in the hope that, in your own crazy busy days, you might find a moment to clickety click:

  1. Support ChiZine: “ has been free to readers since its inception in 1997. We want to keep paying our writers pro rates, and we want to keep ChiZine free and accessible to everyone who wants to read it. No donation too small! (Or too big.)” The uber-mega-huge-all-proceeds-go-to-ChiZine Volume 47 includes my story ‘Tiny Drops’, which was first published in Midnight Echo 4. Read, enjoy, donate!
  2. Shimmer‘s Issue 13 Reader’s Choice Poll is online! Whichever story gets the most votes will be published online so that everyone can read it. As the folks at Shimmer have put it: “Help your favorite author get his or her story the readership it deserves!” *Ahem* my Issue 13 story is called ‘Gutted’ *cough, cough* Shimmer will also randomly select one responder to get a free copy of the issue of their choice — just give them your email address in the last question so they can get in touch with you if you’re the lucky winner. Votes accepted until June 30. (So, that’s ‘Gutted’, by L.L. Hannett…)
  3. Electric Velocipede has a new website and it rocks! Check it out for yourselves.
  4. She Never has posted a lovely review of Scary Kisses, in which Heather Royston waxes poetic about ‘The February Dragon’ (and also has some excellent things to say about Felicity Dowker’s ‘Bread and Circuses’ and Kyla Ward’s ‘Cursebreaker’). Huzzah!
  5. And last, but certainly not least, dear Brain (known ’round the traps as Angela Slatter) has some excellent news involving a monumental ToC in a monumental book of horror published by a monumental editor. Congratulations! Can’t wait to read this book!



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