And another one…

Who knew it was possible to get TEN (I had to count them, and yes, there were TEN) stars??

Scary Minds has posted their review of Bluegrass Symphony, and, well. I’m gobsmacked. “Glowing” doesn’t quite cover it… It’s more like “incandescent”. ‘From the Teeth of Strange Children’, ‘Depot to Depot’ and ‘Forever, Miss Tapekwa County’ are singled out as particular favourites, but the reviewer has great things to say about the book as a whole:

Hannett throws down the gauntlet to erstwhile readers with a collection of twelve stories that aren’t quite what you would expect from a dark genre collection. The author has her own voice, isn’t afraid to let it sing, and delivers a collection that is remarkably striking…

Full recommendation, Hannett reminds us that the dark gothic short story is still an art form.

 Lisa L. Hannett has arrived kicking and screaming on the scene. ScaryMinds has another favourite Author.

Read the rest of the review here.

Wow. I think I should go into the oubliette more frequently. Was offline for three days and came back to three fantastic reviews. I wonder what would happen if I went offline for a week?

(Not that we’ll never know: I’m way too attached to the internet to test that theory…)


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