Mythic Journeys: Myths & Legends Retold

Delighted to say that ‘Seeds’, the first story Angela and I wrote for Midnight and Moonshine, is getting a second outing in this gorgeous new anthology edited by Paula Guran! Mythic Journeys: Myths & Legends Retold collects classic myths and legends retold by some pretty fantastic fantasy writers like Neil Gaiman, Tanith Lee, Charles de…… Continue reading Mythic Journeys: Myths & Legends Retold

So, it’s been a while…

How is it already November? Isn’t it still April? Nope, you’re right: it’s November. O.o High time I posted a little update about the goings-on around here, don’t you think? Like, the fact that several months ago (*February*cough*cough*) after Neil Gaiman’s latest book came out, I had my first piece published in The Atlantic, called…… Continue reading So, it’s been a while…

Mermaids in the mail!

Got home today to find this beauty awaiting me: My story ‘Forever, Miss Tapekwa County’ appears in this lovely volume (edited by Paula Guran). Allow me a little happy dance as I come to terms with the fact that my work is in an anthology with all of the awesome authors listed on the cover…… Continue reading Mermaids in the mail!

Unquotable Quotes

As we struggle to the end of all the required ‘stuff’ required to get a book out into the world, we thought we’d share some of our less-than-successful requests for cover quotes. Note: none of this may have happened. George R.R. Martin: Who the FUCK are these people? Neil Gaiman: If I ever find this…… Continue reading Unquotable Quotes

The Peripatetic Life of the Freelance Editor: In the Lair with Mr Stephen Jones

Today we have kidnapped the much lauded, applauded and awarded Mr Stephen Jones, editor of such tomes as A Book of Horrors, Zombie Apocalypse!, Shadows Over Innsmouth, and the Mammoth Books of Best New Horror, Vampires, Wolf Men and Zombies, as well as recent collections by M.R. James, Karl Edward Wagner, Charles L. Grant and Basil…… Continue reading The Peripatetic Life of the Freelance Editor: In the Lair with Mr Stephen Jones

Where Do You Get Your Weird? Your Non-Denominational Source for The Weird launched today, a website devoted to The Weird and created by Luis Rodrigues. The project is the brainchild of editing-writing team Ann & Jeff VanderMeer. Hugo Award-winner Ann VanderMeer until recently edited Weird Tales Magazine and has co-edited several anthologies with her husband. Jeff’s last novel,…… Continue reading Where Do You Get Your Weird?