Mythic Journeys: Myths & Legends Retold

Delighted to say that ‘Seeds’, the first story Angela and I wrote for Midnight and Moonshine, is getting a second outing in this gorgeous new anthology edited by Paula Guran! Mythic Journeys: Myths & Legends Retold collects classic myths and legends retold by some pretty fantastic fantasy writers like Neil Gaiman, Tanith Lee, Charles de…… Continue reading Mythic Journeys: Myths & Legends Retold

Saatchi Sunday of Luxury

I’ve been suffering from end-of-a-helluva-long-year-itis lately, so this weekend was dedicated to rearranging and relaxing — “refilling the well of happiness” as Brain calls it. Saturday involved a trip to IKEA, that mecca of flat-pack furniture lovers, which isn’t the first place most people would think of going to for relaxation… Oh, IKEA. Land of…… Continue reading Saatchi Sunday of Luxury