Beginnings and endings

The sun is setting: the light spilling through my window is reflecting off of my striped shirt and onto my hands, giving them an eerie “changey-sticker” nimbus. Very cool.This afternoon, the ending to my story popped into my head while I was “trying” to work on some thesis reading. Actually, I’ve discovered that a lot…… Continue reading Beginnings and endings


1,667 words

You know how sometimes you sit in front of your computer, and you think: this story will never get written. I was thinking that about one of the stories I’m currently working on, but last night the stars aligned, the world turned at the proper pace, and my fingers found the words hidden in they keys, or in places…… Continue reading 1,667 words

Epiphanies of the smallest kind

 I’ve realised that if you sit with a library book clutched in your left  hand, then you feel virtuous about ‘studying’ while your right hand surfs the internet…

Things to do while not writing your thesis… Part Two

Rant, at considerable length, about things that bug you. For instance, Rant the First:I hate people who eat yogurt while drivingI hate sitting on any communal office chair and discovering that the seat is still warmI hate the phrase ‘camel toe’ and those who sport itI hate advertisements that contain incorrect grammar or punctuationI hate…… Continue reading Things to do while not writing your thesis… Part Two

Daniela Edburg

(Death by Lifesavers) I love the irony of this photograph…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      (Death by Nutella) Fabulous angle; hues are luscious…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              (Death by OREOs) This one might be my favourite… It’s like a wicked fairy tale and classical painting compressed into one photographic image. And the photo within the photo is a nice touch, too.Thanks, Tully, for…… Continue reading Daniela Edburg

Found my fork…

  I haven’t posted in a while… Just read the last post and realised that it is because I seem to have gone off and found my ‘writing fork’ again. Spent the long weekend sketching out one story, working on another, and writing massive chunks of a third (in between eating chocolate and watching Kung…… Continue reading Found my fork…

Eating salad with a spoon

 …is how I feel about my writing process today. I’ll get there eventually, but I seem to have misplaced my fork.

Bring on Wednesday…

Adelaide has officially hit #1 in Australia for number of consecutive days with temperatures above 35 degrees… Where’s Jack Frost when you need him??? Adelaide Forecastmore detail » summaryThuMar 13FriMar 14SatMar 15SunMar 16MonMar 17TueMar 18WedMar 19Sunny Windy Mostly sunny Mostly sunny Sunny Cloud increasing Mostly cloudy maximum40°C39°C38°C38°C39°C39°C31°Cminimum24°C28°C20°C21°C23°C25°C20°CTHUSunny. Very Hot. Dry.17 km/hNW-14%2637FRISunny. Very Hot. Dry.9 km/hW-18%2739SATSunny.…… Continue reading Bring on Wednesday…

Too hot for words

Today’s WeatherAdelaide23 – 39Mostly sunnyAdelaide Four Day ForecastTuesdayMostly sunnyHigh: 34Low: 18Dew point: 13Humidity: 30%Wind at 09:00:10km/h, SEWind at 15:00:20km/h, SRain probability: 5% (< 1mm)WednesdayMostly sunnyHigh: 36Low: 20Dew point: 10Humidity: 22%Wind at 09:00:8km/h, EWind at 15:00:11km/h, SSWRain probability: 5% (< 1mm)ThursdayMostly sunnyHigh: 37Low: 22Dew point: 8Humidity: 17%Wind at 09:00:22km/h, NWind at 15:00:15km/h, NWRain probability: 5% (< 1mm)FridayMostly sunnyHigh:…… Continue reading Too hot for words