Things to do while not writing your thesis… Part Two

Rant, at considerable length, about things that bug you. For instance, Rant the First:

  1. I hate people who eat yogurt while driving
  2. I hate sitting on any communal office chair and discovering that the seat is still warm
  3. I hate the phrase ‘camel toe’ and those who sport it
  4. I hate advertisements that contain incorrect grammar or punctuation
  5. I hate it when people scrape their teeth on their utensils
  6. I hate touching warm money that has been held too long in a sweaty hand
  7. I hate people who own anything with the Playboy™ symbol on it
  8. I hate it when people bite the ice cream on their ice cream cones
  9. I hate making banal conversation with check-out chicks
  10. I hate the expression ‘take a squirt’ and feel sorry for the girls whose partners have to use it
  11. I hate it when people say “You look tired” as if that statement is meant to instantly inject you with a shot of caffeine
  12. I hate hearing swallowing noises through the phone.

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