Past few weeks a blur…

Lots has happened, but I haven’t been posting. Life is a blur when it moves so quickly…

Celebrated my birthday with a fabulous fingerfood party — a wonderful crowd was there, and we all ate until we turned Humpty-Dumptyish.
Have been accepted into the Ad Astra ‘writers of speculative fiction’ group — attended my first session with the group a fortnight ago, and really enjoyed myself. In fact, I now have a new (probably YA) novel idea brewing, thanks to the writing exercise we did that morning.
Subbed my story, ‘Commonplace Sacrifices’ to On Spec magazine — fingers now perpetually crossed. My Shimmer submission has been ‘passed onto the editor for further consideration’, which is pretty exciting. Toes crossed for that one, too.
Have been trying to make up for a semester of neglecting my thesis (hence the lack of posts here). Inching incrementally closer to the point where I’ll have a chunk of the thesis written. For now, I have to write an abstract for a conference in Sweden next year (it’s bloody rude, if you ask me, to force us to write our abstracts over a year in advance! Remind me to add that item to my next ‘Rant’) before Dr Sexington and I head overseas for a 6-week escape from reality.
Reviewed Sean Williams’ The Changeling — keep your eyes peeled for the June/July issue of ABR for that one — and have been enlisted to write two more short reviews for ABR before heading overseas. Another review to appear in the Adelaide Review this month — probably the harshest I’ve ever been in a review, which  makes me a bit nervous. Still, I’d rather be nervous about potential reactions than lie about a book that was total shit.
I’ve pretty much decided that I’ll be going to Conflux in Canberra this year — if I had any fingers still uncrossed, I’d cross a couple to ensure that I’ll be able to wrangle the necessary funds for this trip.
Last, but not least, I’m going to apply for Clarion South. Yep. I’m going to take the plunge and see how it goes. I’ll look like a pretzel as soon as I send that application in…


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