Love a good Necropolis… and love Marc Johns.

One of my parcels arrived from Hay-on-Wye today — so quick! We were there only 12 days ago, and voila! a package appeared on my doorstep this morning! And I sent it surface mail! Will wonders never cease.

Speaking of wonders, I have recently discovered an artistic wonder who sketches by the name of Marc Johns. I’d upload one of his pics here if I could, but somehow the bugger has managed to prevent me from pinching his images (which I would have fully credited, mind you) to share with a wider audience. Not one to be deterred by such technical irritations, here are the links to his work:

His site

His Flickr account

His shop.

Visit them all. You won’t regret it. I love too many of them to list here.

And speaking of a good Necropolis (subtle segue…), Glasgow’s got an excellent one…


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