Very superstitious (Or: Ups and Downs)

 About three weeks ago, one of my short stories was accepted for publication in a forthcoming spec fic anthology here in Australia. (Strike up the band, dance a jig of happiness, watch as confetti and gold streamers explode across the room!) Obviously, I haven’t mentioned it yet. Basically, I am feeling superstitious, so you’ll have…… Continue reading Very superstitious (Or: Ups and Downs)


Clockwork Jungle and Festival Season!

Subbed a story to Shimmer zine’s special edition last night. It’s a steampunk retelling of Aesop’s ‘The Fox and the Crow’… we’ll see what happens. This one was fully a case of ‘It won’t get published if you keep in on your desktop’ so I decided to send it in…  In other news, it’s Festival Season in Adelaide! Woo…… Continue reading Clockwork Jungle and Festival Season!


Yesterday was an amazing day in Australian history. I can acknowledge this without feeling like a fraud. I was moved by Kevin Rudd’s speech, moved by its apparent sincerity, moved by the overwhelming national recognition of this momentous event. But I feel like I have to let my involvement in the matter stop there. As my throat clenched…… Continue reading Sorry.

Some bastard took my library book! Or not…

One of the joys of writing a thesis on medieval Icelandic literature is that I seem to be the only one in Adelaide who is loony of enough to be doing so. An unexpected benefit of this self-inflicted madness is that, by default, all of the Old Norse-Icelandic library books at Flinders and Adelaide Universities are…… Continue reading Some bastard took my library book! Or not…

Cloverfield… and a rejection

Cloverfield first:At the risk of using a word I’m beginning to suspect is actually an insult in disguise, I thought that Cloverfield was… interesting. Definitely worth watching, especially on the big screen.Fabulous elements first:1) The use of the video camera. Even though I felt so seasick after 15 mins that I contemplated leaving the theatre, I…… Continue reading Cloverfield… and a rejection

Am Canadian

I’ve just sent my story ‘That Which Is or May Be Heard’ off to Tesseracts Twelve, a speculative fiction anthology that is exclusively open to Canadian writers. Apparently the response time (no / rewrite request / hold for further consideration) is meant to take less than two weeks. We’ll see about that, but fingers crossed…… Continue reading Am Canadian

The Friday of Satisfaction

My PhD-writing alter ego has had a very satisfying day. I had a great meeting with my supervisor this morning (after a meeting last week that threw me into existential angst, after which I ended up questioning the purpose of writing a PhD — not for the first time, and certainly not for the last). In this morning’s…… Continue reading The Friday of Satisfaction

Morning tea a disgrace

Peacherines are in no way as good as nectarines. Some hybrids just don’t work. Either it’s a peach (too soft, too fuzzy) or else it’s a nectarine (firm oval goodness), but it should not be some mushy, stringy, fence-sitting excuse for a piece of fruit that pretends to be a happy combo of both.

7607 words

Some days, writing just happens. Yesterday, it happened all over the place. I was in the zone for hours, and managed to produce 7607 words.  In one day.  Mark the day in your calendars; a miracle occurred yesterday.  Now I’ve just got to edit the story… we’ll see how  my wonderful word count stands up…… Continue reading 7607 words

Bush fires, cattle trucks, nightworks, and near misses

The past 18 hours have nearly convinced me that I shouldn’t venture outside of the house for a while. A flock of helicopters combed the sky near the University yesterday afternoon while I waited for my supervisor to join me for our meeting. My supervisor’s assistant said, “Oh, all of these helicopters are really starting to worry…… Continue reading Bush fires, cattle trucks, nightworks, and near misses