Found my fork…

  I haven’t posted in a while… Just read the last post and realised that it is because I seem to have gone off and found my ‘writing fork’ again. Spent the long weekend sketching out one story, working on another, and writing massive chunks of a third (in between eating chocolate and watching Kung Fu movies with Dr Sexington, of course). When it rains, it pours (and thank Christ, it is finally raining in the physical as well as the metaphorical sense here in Adelaide! All of my whinging and complaining about the heat worked! Ha ha! I knew if I kept it up long enough the gods would have to listen and send me some autumn, if only to shut me up! Huzzah! Next I’ll focus my powers on securing permanent 4-day weekends…)
Now I just need to channel some of my writing energy into the thesis chapter I’m meant to be working on — oh, right about now. (And lo and behold, here I am, posting instead of writing about emasculation in 13th century Iceland. Surprised? I didn’t think so.)
I’m off to Sydney next week for a day of Old Norse goodness — promises to be fun, and scary. My paper’s in the morning session, so at least I’ll be able to relax and enjoy the day once I’ve faced the firing squad.
But first, it’s Twelfth Night with the second-year students this morning–
And then I’ll get to the chapter…


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