Very superstitious (Or: Ups and Downs)

 About three weeks ago, one of my short stories was accepted for publication in a forthcoming spec fic anthology here in Australia. (Strike up the band, dance a jig of happiness, watch as confetti and gold streamers explode across the room!)

Obviously, I haven’t mentioned it yet.

Basically, I am feeling superstitious, so you’ll have to bear with me. When things have progressed a bit further (there is still some editing to do, and some final tweaking of the story, with the editor’s generous help) I’ll add some more info here. 

But the awe-inspiring power of my excitement could single-handedly take on Godzilla and King Kong in a tag-team wrestling match, to put it mildly.

So why, you might ask, am I dancing with the devil and breaking my own vow of silence on this issue, now, today, of all days? 

Because yesterday I got a rejection letter for one of the stories I subbed last year (thank you to that anonymous reviewer, whose straightforward feedback will help me to rework and rejuvinate this piece) and so I wanted to chronicle both the ups and the downs of this process. So here you have it: an up (WAY WAYYYY up) and a down (a kind of sidewalk-level down, not quite depths of despair – the feedback is too useful for me to be quite upset about this.)


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