A.C. Wise’s “Women to Read” June 2015 edition

Over at SF Signal, A.C. Wise has posted the latest in her series of essays on “Women to Read!” — and this month, she focuses on “stories designed to sit uncomfortably, twist against expectations, offer truths that won’t stay put, narratives that can’t be trusted, and characters who refuse to hold their shapes.” Alongside discussions of…… Continue reading A.C. Wise’s “Women to Read” June 2015 edition

Les VanderMeers’ Bestiary Anthology (*squeeeeee!*)

Jeff VanderMeer has announced the ToC (thus far) of the bestiary anthology he and Ann are putting together: Auricle – Gio Clairval Bartleby’s Typewriter – Corey Redekop Counsellor Crow – Karen Lord Daydreamer by Proxy – Dexter Palmer Enkantong-bato – Dean Francis Alfar Figmon – Michael Cisco Guest – Brian Conn Hadrian’s Sparrikan – Stephen Graham…… Continue reading Les VanderMeers’ Bestiary Anthology (*squeeeeee!*)