Murder Ballads: now available for pre-order!

GOSH, this book is pretty. Murder Ballads is a lithographically printed, limited edition, sewn hardback with colour endpapers (!!!), and if the presentation isn’t enough to entice you into racing over to the Egaeus Press site and pre-ordering it on the spot, then allow me to tantalise you further: A collection of seventeen dark tales…… Continue reading Murder Ballads: now available for pre-order!


Oh, Sing Me a Song about Murder…

Now that Egaeus Press has made the news public, I can announce how delighted I am to have a story in their forthcoming anthology, Murder Ballads. MURDER BALLADS will be an anthology of stories inspired by that ancient oral tradition: Tales that share the intimacy of a fireside song, a family secret, a Victorian melodrama…… Continue reading Oh, Sing Me a Song about Murder…

Les VanderMeers’ Bestiary Anthology (*squeeeeee!*)

Jeff VanderMeer has announced the ToC (thus far) of the bestiary anthology he and Ann are putting together: Auricle – Gio Clairval Bartleby’s Typewriter – Corey Redekop Counsellor Crow – Karen Lord Daydreamer by Proxy – Dexter Palmer Enkantong-bato – Dean Francis Alfar Figmon – Michael Cisco Guest – Brian Conn Hadrian’s Sparrikan – Stephen Graham…… Continue reading Les VanderMeers’ Bestiary Anthology (*squeeeeee!*)