Inspiration: Paolo Roversi

Time for another episode of Lisa Gushes About Art.

Now, some people may not label fashion photography ‘art’ per se, but when the images are captured by Paolo Roversi’s lens, they can’t be considered anything less. Like Eugenio Recuenco, whom I raved about a few months ago, the aesthetic of Roversi’s portraits really works for me. The overexposed black & whites, the blue tint to the colours, the Romantic / Gothic scenes and costumes — as well as the ‘vintage’ close-ups so reminiscent of 1940s starlet headshots… All so gorgeous. All so inspirational. The tone, mood, setting, vibe — whatever you want to call it — is something I aspire to one day capture in writing.

And OMG THE ONES WITH THE SNOW. (See the whole series, which Roversi shot for ‘W’ magazine, here.)


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