Other things I missed during the Attack of Throat Alien…

1) A fantastic review of The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2010 in which Katharine Stubbs heaps praise on my story ‘Soil From My Fingers’ (and also on ‘Slow Cookin” by the lovely Angie Rega, one of my fellow Clarionites from 2009! Yay Angie!) Sure, this review was published in December, but it’s still news to me!

2) Over at Weird Fiction Review, I share a few words about my favourite literary monster as part of their 12 Days of Monsters feature. (My Anglo-Saxon World students will not find my answer surprising at all!)

3) HarperVoyager farewells Stephanie Smith after 20 years of excellent work as the imprint’s Associate Publisher, and welcomes Deonie Fiford as Voyager’s new Associate Publisher. Farewell, Stephanie!

4) Miscellaneous coolness: The picture featured above is Victor Hugo’s bedroom. It is so wonderfully OTT! Thanks to Abigail Nathan for sharing this on FB — click here to see more photos in the 15 Writers’ Bedrooms series. (Some of the rooms are so spartan! Some so depressing…)


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