The Writer & The Critic, Episode 12

OMG the pod has been cast!

This month’s episode of The Writer and the Critic, hosted by the ever-awesome Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mond, features Bluegrass Symphony and Rob Shearman’s fantastic collection, Everyone’s Just So So Special.

I haven’t yet mustered up the nerve to listen to the podcast — though rumour has it that Kirstyn and Ian say wonderful things about my book (THANK YOU!!!), and Ian may or may not have believed that Angela has been calling me “Brian” all this time, instead of Brain. (Which is just as hilarious as when a dear friend of mine confessed that she thought I was talking to myself every time I mentioned writing with “Brain”. Because, she said, that sort of behaviour would suit my weird world… LOL!)

So, yes. The pod has been cast.

It’s all very exciting.

Have I mentioned that they say wonderful things about my book?

Head on over to the W&TC website and listen to Episode 12, or download it on iTunes.

And, yes, I will listen to it.





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