Midnight Echo 4…

…is now available!

Edited by the awesome Lee Battersby, this volume has a smoking ToC, if I do say so myself:


Cromwell’s Beast ~ Steven J Stegbar

Tiny Drops ~ LL Hannett

Within the Walls ~ Philip Roberts

The Hand of God ~ Jason Crowe

Where We Go to be Made Lighter ~ Christopher Green

Poison or the Knife ~ BL Hobson

Carnal Knowledge ~ Don Norum

Visiting ~ Richard Barber

The Movie ~ Graham Fielding

Sleeping Dogs ~ Geoffrey Maloney & Andrew Baker

The Moon & The Mesa ~ Daniel Braum

Little Boy Lost ~ Patty Jansen


Rabbit ~ Holly Day

Mirror ~ Jenny Blackford

The Fat Aftermath ~ Jude Aquilina

Interviews with:

Charlaine Harris

Macabre Editors Angela Challis & Dr Marty Young

Foz Meadows

Surrealist artist Vincent Castiglia

Artwork by:

Justin Randall

Marco Morte

Ian Van Gemert

Shane Ryan

Mariusz Ganzel

Vincent Castiglia

Harry Purnell

George Cotronis

You can buy it in print or digi, here.


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