So. Very. Exciting!!!

I haven’t been this excited for a book release in a very long time.

Angela Slatter has been published in some very prestigious magazines and anthologies, and now (at last!), we are able to sit down and devour even more of her delish stories c/o the intelligent folk at Ticonderoga Press. The Girl With No Hands (and other tales), is now available for pre-order. I am a lucky duck because (a) I’ve already had a sneak peek at this incredible collection of stories, and they are intensely beautiful, creepy, enchanting, and absolutely worth reading over and over again; and (b) I got to design the cover! Hopefully the image catches your eye — but, in all honesty, the book would fly off the shelves, even if it were wrapped in brown paper.

There will be a stunning, limited edition hardcover (only 100 copies!) as well as trade paperback editions.

Click on the picture, click on the title, hell, click here to pre-order!



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