Their Own Executioners…

‘Their Own Executioners’  is a story that appeared out of nowhere and wouldn’t go away until it was written. I know, I know: I’ve heard other people say the same thing and have thought, ‘Yeah, right. It “came out of nowhere” after you slaved over it for months and months and months…” But in this case, I was pseudo-trying to work on my thesis,* and this conversation started in my head (completely unrelated to what I was meant to be writing) and it wasn’t long until the whole story spilled out. And of course it was tweaked and polished after its original inception, but still. The guts of it stayed the same, and for that I have a soft spot for this one.

Now you can read it in Chizine’s June-September 2010 issue! Huzzah!

*Come to think of it, I’m fairly sure I still haven’t finished that thesis chapter…


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