Plans for today:

1) Clean house. Or at least parts of it.
2) Abandon clean house (with its wonderful internet connection) and go to Chad’s sister’s place to take care of Dash, the adorable if somewhat arthritic dog. (What kind of dog? I have no idea. She’s pointy and has rust-coloured fur. She’s about 100 years old in dog years. And that is the extent of my dog knowledge.)
3) Convince Chad that the abovementioned dog really should be allowed to eat treats throughout the day.
4) Try to complete a draft of the story I’ve been working on this week: complete the final major scene and then pare the whole story back.
5) Work on designs for Angela’s business cards. One down and sent to herself, others in progress.
6) Ignore the five hundred other things that should be on this To Do List.
7) Pretend I don’t have to go back to work tomorrow.

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