You know you’re *really* a writer when you’re dreading the thought of going out on a Saturday night, with a group of perfectly nice people, to eat some perfectly appealing food. And maybe to finish the night with some dancing.
*Normal* people would be more than happy to while away a winter’s night in this way.
But I don’t wanna. I wanna stay home, with my computer, with an almost-drafted story (which could very well grow up and become a *real* story today, if only I wasn’t forced to go out and have a nice time.)

Will go and read the wise wise words of the smarter, generally less whingey, part of my brain:




  1. 🙂 Well clearly the desire to stay home with your computer is paying off big time. Congratulations on ‘On the Lot and In the Air’ being accepted by Clarkesworld! It’s full of the wild and unsettling imagery I loved in your Clarion stories. Partying well justified, I’d say.

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