1. Having no internet connection at home SUCKS.
  2. Moving house at VERY short notice also SUCKS.
  3. Moving away from bogan landlord and his bogan family ROCKS.
  4. Packing up 100 boxes of books (this is, (un)fortunately, not an exaggerated number. I counted.) is not the most thrilling way to spend a few days. Packing SUCKS.
  5. Being a packrat ROCKS — until you have to move, at which point you have to clean out boatloads of crap you’ve collected over the years — and then you have to clean the spaces you’ve cleaned out. Double-cleaning SUCKS.
  6. Knowing that the place you’re moving into is better equipped than the previously mentioned Bogan Villa; that it has a laundry room, a bath tub, a little yard, and many walls against which to lean bookshelves ROCKS.
  7. Getting a rejection letter from F&SF SUCKS.
  8. Sending the rejected story out to a new market right away ROCKS.
  9. Natcon proving it isn’t a Not-con ROCKS.
  10. Having the loans officer at the bank tell you that your pitiful PhD scholarship makes an increase in your credit limit ‘unaffordable’ SUCKS.
  11. Knowing that being broke means you can do nothing but write (because writing’s got the biggest free budget ever) ROCKS (and sucks a bit, too. Trying to find the silver lining here, people.)
  12. Moving, and all of the crap that goes along with it, will be over by the end of this weekend, which completely ROCKS.


  1. Lisa going to Natcon with the extended Clarion South crew ROCKS
    The Bogan-Villea pun ROCKS
    Getting back on the rejection horse that threw you ROCKS
    Writing being a free activity SO ROCKS
    Money, well, that always SUCKS πŸ™‚

    1. The Bogan-Villea pun ROCKS
      Heh heh — thanks. I’m a big fan of bogan-related puns πŸ˜‰
      Can’t wait for Natcon – esp. since the fun’s coming to us this time ’round. Extended Clarion crew totally ROCKS.
      BTW — I’ve only just read about your 2 sales: Jasoni ROCKS. Yay!

      1. Bring it oooon! I’m so freaking excited.
        re sales: why, thank you ma’am [doffs hat] was pretty happy with that outcome meself πŸ™‚

      1. So the robot(s) are actually stationed on the mail plane, sending out rejections before the stories even make it to America. What bastards πŸ˜‰

  2. I think ROCKZ wins – and think how sweeeeeet it will be on Sat night when you can relax in a real bathtub instead of that old iron bucket you’ve been using in the backyard! xxx

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